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Micah Fairchild Payroll, Benefits, and Compliance Top Updates at HR Tech 2012

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 By Micah Fairchild

Benefits Administration, Payroll, and Compliance Tops at HR Tech Conference

We’re here at the HR Technology Conference this week, talking with a host of industry thought leaders, companies, and executives; and we have to say that, for a conference dedicated to Human Resources, we’re seeing quite a few vendors (and vendor announcements) that are in the business of what our focus is on here (i.e. Payroll, Benefits, Outsourcing, Self-Service, Time/Attendance, etc.). As such, we thought we’d use our time this week to brief you on just some of the 53 total exhibitor and industry announcements being made here at #HRTechConf that apply to what you do. For instance, Ceridian finally announced the highly-anticipated addition of Dayforce payroll functionality for Canada; Accu-Time Systems introduced a new family of workforce management terminals; and Equifax Workforce Solutions introduced an enhanced version of its onboarding solution (with what they’re calling iW4 or Interactive W-4). For our purposes here though, we’ll be focusing on covering the updates from bSwift, EmployTouch, and LawLogix.

HR Technology Conference Update #1: bSwift

First up, platinum conference sponsor bSwift (a leader in software and services for employee benefits administration), announced the release of its new bSwift Benefits App. Available from both the Apple and Google Play stores (which is in and of itself becoming a more rare feat these days), the app is designed to provide mobile access for bswift clients' employees to have what the vendor is calling a "Quick Look" at their covered benefits. As company CEO Rich Gallun says, “[the app provides employees with] the convenience to access their insurance ID number or confirm their co-pay amount when they need it -- at the pharmacy or the dentist's or doctor's office”. Along with those capabilities mentioned though, this latest free, bSwift capability also allows for access to: coverage effective dates, carrier contact information, links to important carrier websites, and payroll deductions/contributions to Flexible Savings Accounts (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). What we like about this bSwift technology is that the app leverages the mobile form factor in the way that it is truly designed—for access to information when and where it’s needed.

HR Technology Conference Update #2: EmployTouch

Named as one of the select few offerings to be highlighted as this year’s “Awesome New Technologies for HR” (quite possibly the most well-attended session at the conference), Canada-based Employ-Touch’s Touchbase solution didn’t so much make announcements as much as headlines at this year’s HR Tech; mainly due to the fact that, in terms of innovation, the world of employee self-service doesn’t typically top anyone’s lists. Of course, when you look at the pedigrees of the company’s founders (i.e. Google, LinkedIn, Workbrain, Axsium Group, and Cybershift), it’s clear that this tablet-based solution was put together by some of the brightest minds in the industry. What does the device do exactly? Well, the next-gen Touchbase is an Android-powered technology designed for the hourly workforce to help with labor data collection and the process of employee self-service. Besides that (and the main reason we’re on board with its inclusion in the “Awesome New Technologies” session)Touchbase is wall-dockable and virtually eliminates the need for single-purpose time clocks, kiosks, and time/attendance-dedicated PCs—and that’s pretty innovative for companies with high concentrations of clock-in/clock-out workers.

HR Technology Conference Update #3: LawLogix

With 3 flagship cloud products (Guardian, EDGE, and Globetrotter), LawLogix had already established their place as one of the industry’s leaders in the Electronic I-9 and E-Verify compliance technologies arena; but this latest announcement from the company puts their solutions over the top. Specifically, at the HR Tech Conference, LawLogix unveiled mobile enhancements to the Guardian line that allow customers to securely capture and upload I-9 supporting documents remotely. It might seem simple enough, but this is the first I-9 onboarding app that provides a native, fully integrated mobile solution available on (and designed for) the iOS and Android platforms. Aside from the fact that this app is a welcome solution to any company’s remote onboarding needs, what we really like about this new LawLogix functionality is that customers can now simply use a mobile device’s camera to digitally photograph supporting documents—afterwards securely uploading the images directly to Guardian. While the development of this technology is a direct response to changing legislation in the acceptance of electronic documentation, nevertheless LawLogix has been consulting with their extensive retail, commercial, and industrial customer bases to tweak the solution and address what is undoubtedly one of the most common U.S. compliance issues in the remote hire world…the dreaded I-9.

HR Technology Conference Wrap-up

Though we won’t be closing the curtains on #HRTechConf for another day or so, already we’ve had a slew of announcements that prove the payroll and benefits admin industries (as well as their related compliance issues) are still top of mind for business leaders around the globe. Of course if there are any additional updates to the issues that are most important to you, you can be sure we’ll be writing about them right here. End

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For a conference dedicated to Human Resources, we’re seeing quite a few vendors (and vendor announcements) that are in the business of what our focus is on here (i.e. Payroll, Benefits, Outsourcing, Self-Service, Time/Attendance, etc.)."



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