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Our HR and payroll community readers are always looking for remarkable content that helps them grow their careers and their companies. If your articles are relevant to our community — and you would like to use our website to promote your content and demonstrate your expertise, we're pleased to help.

Published articles offer a link back to the authors website and our designated Expert writers may be featured in our blogroll exchange, Expert profiles, automated RSS syndication and social media channels.

PayrollLab.com attracts thousands of readers each month and the best articles receive comments, forwards, social media mentions and discussion. Over the course of a year, top articles may receive over 25,000 views from HR and payroll software buyers, implementors and industry participants.

PayrollLab.com Editorial Guidelines

  • It is essential that all articles and blog posts are relevant to this website and our community. Articles pertaining to the primary community themes, such as HR and payroll software, payroll outsourcing, talent management software or particular HR and payroll software vendors and products generally receive very high readership and positive remarks. Similarly, articles pertaining to other channel topics, such as open source payroll software, cloud payroll systems and mobile, or advice related payroll software selections or implementations are highly trafficked.
  • Our website is not a directory or clearinghouse, so submitted articles or content must be explicitly helpful and particularly well written, in fact, what we call remarkable content. Our readers time is a precious commodity. So rather that inundate them with a flood of mediocre content, our intent is to present them with only the best content. Most articles should be at 750 to 1000 words in length. Articles that include strong titles, research statistics, trends, fact-based opinions, bullet point lists and quotes from industry recognized experts generally have the making to be remarkable content.
  • The most active constituency in our community includes operational management and C-level executives of middle market and enterprise companies. Over 60 percent of our reader community consists of IT and business practitioners who are consuming content in order to educate themselves as part of a software technology evaluation and purchase. Educational articles directed to middle and executive management readers receive the most and highest rated reviews.
  • Content submissions should contain strong opinions and be supported by facts, market research or quotes from knowledgeable or authoritative figures. Three overarching themes across nearly all content categories are research, recommendations and best practices related to HR and payroll software selection, software implementation, software optimization and using business software applications to solve business problems. Our readers appreciate articles which provide instructional advice or insight when selecting, implementing and/or optimizing HR and payroll software systems - or speak directly to a business problem that can be aided with HR or payroll systems or strategies.
  • We do not publish anything that comes across as vendor marketing or advertising - or self promotion. Our readers visit HR and payroll vendor websites for that type of information. They visit PayrollLab.com in order to get independent, balanced and candid content and opinion that is not available elsewhere. We also do not publish content containing personal attacks or inappropriate language.
  • We reserve the right to make edits to articles with your approval. Edits sometimes include fixing typos, modifying text with HTML tagging, optimizing images for size and placement or deleting extraneous text. Article authors have the final say with regard to their content and we retain the final say for what gets published. We're in this together and we want your posts to look great on the website.
  • We are pleased to publish or syndicate blog posts as well as podcasts or videos.
  • Content should identify the author with the content, either by full name or just first name. PayrollLab must validate author identity. No anonymous articles are permitted.

An Editor reviews all submitted articles, selects those that qualify and then publishes approved content to our website. Most articles are published as soon as they are approved, however, articles are sometimes delayed in order to accompany the publishing of similar topics. Published content is then promoted on the website and through our social media channels.



Contribute To The Community

If you would like to write a blog post that is useful and interesting to our audience, we will be happy to promote it. That’s what this website is all about. We gladly promote well written guest blogger articles that are insightful or helpful in some meaningful way. Basically, if it’s something our community members would find useful, we will promote it and include a link back to your website.


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