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Dave Foxall A Brief Look at ADP’s Mobile Payroll Software RUN

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 By Dave Foxall

A Vendor Solution Brief on RUN: ADP’s Mobile Payroll Solution

ADP’s Company Overview

As one of the biggest international outsourcing firms (and our top contender for mobile payroll applications) , ADP needs little introduction. With approximately $10 billion in revenues and in the region of 570,000 clients, Automatic Data Processing is one of the world's largest providers of automated business solutions. Leveraging over 60 years of experience, ADP offers a wide range of human resource, payroll, tax, and benefits administration solutions from a single source. ADP's aim is to provide easy-to-use solutions for employers of all types and sizes and since 2010 their RUN mobile app (or to give it its full name, RUN powered by ADP mobile payroll) has enabled their small business clients to process payroll on the move using their iPhone, BlackBerry or Android device.

ADP has a strong showing generally in the mobile technology field. In 2011, it introduced ADP Mobile Solutions, a suite of employee self-service options including remote time tracking, access to benefits plan information, flexible spending and retirement accounts, mobile corporate communications and, of course, employee access to pay statements. Coupled with the RUN app, ADP is now providing mobile payroll for both employers and employees.

While ADP is a regular winner of awards, its ground-breaking approach to mobile payroll has been specifically acknowledged. The company was ranked 7th on the InformationWeek 500 list for 2011 (an annual list of the top business technology innovators in the US). In the same year, ADP was the only human capital management company to feature on the Forbes’ list of the world’s most innovative companies and specific mention was made of the company’s mobile offerings and RUN in particular.

ADP’s Mobile Payroll Application Purpose

Put simply RUN is specifically designed to allow employers to input payroll information, calculate payroll and run it all via their mobile device. Functions include:

  • Review and enter payroll for employees and contractors
  • Edit hours, pay rates, pay periods and check dates
  • Manage direct deposits by pay period
  • Enter vacation, sick and personal time
  • Enter employee earnings and deductions
  • Calculate federal, state and local taxes
  • Preview payroll liability and cash required to ensure that funds are available
  • Approve payroll and confirm the funds to be withdrawn

Information security is always a key consideration for payroll processing and with mobile apps, doubly so. ADP’s RUN offers these security features:

  • Allows the user to control access to payroll data, safeguard data and ensure private information is never stored on the device
  • Gives access to payroll reports from previous periods to help plan the next payroll
  • Provides account lockouts to prevent unauthorized access

Finally, RUN comes with full back up via online tutorials, implementation specialists, and email and local phone support. Additionally, as a way of introducing small business owners to ADP’s broader HR offerings, RUN also contains free HR content, including an HR dictionary with more than 600 terms and definitions, an HR Checkup tool that enables employers to self-evaluate their HR practices and a "Tip of the Week" offering regular new thoughts and insights to assist owners in managing their business.

ADP’s Customer Target Market

ADP’s payroll outsourcing services are geared to three tiers of employers: small, medium, and large businesses. The RUN mobile payroll app is aimed at (and in fact designed for) owners and payroll managers in small businesses looking for on-the-move, flexible payroll management for workforces of less than 50 employees.

ADP’s Technical Specs

RUN is available in three versions (each with identical functionality and ease of operation) for the Android, Apple and BlackBerry operating systems.

ADP’s Primary Competitors

Other providers of mobile access to their existing clients include SurePayroll and Intuit (with links to QuickBooks). Additionally, for basic payroll calculation for small businesses there is the PayrollGuru mobile app.

Strengths of ADP’s Mobile Payroll System

  • Full payroll processing from calculation to payment.
  • Simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface.
  • Worldwide (and local) support—a particular strength for an automated payroll solution.
  • RUN is real time and calculates all taxes and payroll on the fly.

Weaknesses of ADP’s Mobile Payroll System

  • While more of indicative of a design feature, the RUN application is limited in terms of the workforce size that the software can support.
  • While robust and equal to the task for most payroll-based activities, there are functional limitations such as the fact that the application cannot handle multi-jurisdiction components.

Bottom-line for ADP’s Mobile Payroll Software

With a global reputation to both maintain and enhance (especially given the company’s latest ventures into talent management and the cloud), any mobile application from ADP has to be smooth in its functioning and appearance. In both these respects RUN does not disappoint, providing full payroll processing capabilities for small businesses throughout the U.S. in a wide-range of industries looking to capitalize on the mobile payroll movement. Of course, the RUN payroll app serves as just one of a host of additional features for existing ADP users though; and while the company’s competitors may be able to develop equally innovative solutions, few will be able to capture all of what ADP can do. End

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ADP was the only human capital management company to feature on the Forbes’ list of the world’s most innovative companies and specific mention was made of the company’s mobile offerings and RUN in particular.”



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