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A Community for HR & Payroll Software Buyers, Implementors and Practitioners is a online community focused on Human Resource and Payroll strategies, software, processes and complimentary solutions.

Our purpose is to harness the best independent and objective information, advice and news to help business, HR and IT leaders make better, faster and more informed decisions regarding HR and payroll software purchases, deployments and post-implementation utilization. The site is free of vendor advertising and influence. We invite all to engage in our pursuit of maximizing value while reducing risk of payroll strategies and software solutions.
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About PayrollLab is an information destination and community forum that helps HR and payroll software buyers, implementors and operators make better payroll software purchase and operations decisions. Human Resource and payroll software evaluations and purchase decisions are complex and fraught with risk. Business executives, HR leaders and technology buyers seek the best independent analysis, useful research and tools to help make better decisions more quickly. The purpose of PayrollLab is to be an outstanding source to educate website readers in the topics of market leading payroll software systems, Payroll software selection, Payroll software implementation and Payroll software improvements. PayrollLab also provides in-depth coverage of related payroll software topics such as payroll outsourcing, global payroll solutions, industry payroll software systems, cloud payroll systems, open source payroll software products, mobile solutions, payroll compliance, benefits administration and other facets important to the Human Resource and Payroll community.

The community combines a focused interest in Human Resource and payroll strategies and solutions with a diverse community of business executives, HR leaders, IT practitioners, consultants, academics, media and technology suppliers. As a trusted source of independent, expert and balanced research, opinion and advice, the community provides first-hand experience, commentary and collaboration so that the members can share and interpret for themselves unbiased information they can use to grow their careers and businesses.

A Unique Approach to a Human Resources & Payroll Community

As community facilitators, PayrollLab creates and syndicates research and original content. We perform research projects in order to continually advance human resource management software and payroll software topics with new thought and helpful analysis. As you can see throughout the website, we also curate helpful third party content. As the volume of Internet content proliferates at increasing speed, creating an intelligent and trustworthy method of gathering, filtering, organizing, extending, distributing and collectively socializing information, with human expert editors, creates value for the community.

Although there is an abundance of information on the Internet, it is often fragmented, outdated, vendor biased, difficult to find or just insufficient for making informed HR and payroll purchase and business decisions. Our goal is to organize, prioritize and filter content into freely consumable information delivered by trusted and transparent sources. As curators, we seek to moderate a dynamic communications ecosystem which brings together highly fragmented conversations from analysts, influencers, bloggers, vendors, and industry commentators. Content curation goes far beyond aggregation by socializing, extending and maturing the best content in new and innovative ways by the community.

Our goal is to promote the maturation of loosely organized and unfiltered content into consumable and freely available insight, through our process of:

  1. Delivering a trusted, transparent and interactive communication website;
  2. Filling the roles of community sponsor, creator of original content, curator for complimentary information and moderator for community socialized content;
  3. Encouraging an active stakeholder community of thought leaders, payroll experts, experienced practitioners, user customers, industry media and interested participants;
  4. Stimulating the community conversation and filtering curated and user generated content through a transparent democratization process;
  5. Thinking and acting at a consumer level; and
  6. Evolving insight with continued research projects, analysis and findings which further evolve the topics most important to the community.

More Than Journalists

We're much more than payroll community facilitators. We're passionate and we're also a few other things.

  • As facilitators, journalists and providers of original content and research we believe in advocacy journalism, subscribe to the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) and adhere to Editorial Practices and Conduct.
  • We're committed to industry change. We know payroll strategy and methods must be and will be reinvented, payroll software failure rates must be remedied and helpful content should be accessible and free.
  • We're social and we desire to tap into a much larger and more powerful community. Crowd sourcing and the benefits of community are the single greatest assets to achieve industry change.
  • We're green and we care about sustainability and the environment. If this topic interests you, check out our sustainability plan and then learn how you can participate.
  • We're philanthropists. We embrace corporate social responsibility and give-back programs. We support and advance the Vantive Foundation with all of our assets, including our time, skills and money. Our foundation will be our legacy.

Our values are integrated into the fabric of our organization. The company's 501(c)(3) foundation is part of our business model. As our company grows, our foundation grows in equal proportion. All staff are given paid time off to volunteer and are encouraged to invest themselves in something greater than themselves. Our goal is to change corporate philanthropy from simply writing a check to leveraging all of our assets and resources to make change.



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